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When you want the most reliable home air conditioning repair services, you can trust ThermEnergy. Our team of certified technicians can repair all makes and models of air conditioners. Our commitment to exceeding your expectations is why Thermenergy has received a 5-Star Google rating.

A/C Repair and Maintenance

When your air conditioner breaks down on a hot day, you want relief right away. Our team offers 24/7 air conditioning service so you can live in comfort. Keeping your A/C uniting running properly will save you money and lower energy costs.

There are many reasons why an air conditioner may stop functioning the way it should. Our air conditioning repair technicians will do a thorough inspection to identify what is causing your unit to malfunction and quickly get it up and running again.

Signs there may be a problem include inconsistent cooling or warm spots in your home. You may also notice poor circulation of air or a build-up of dust in areas of your home.

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So What Is Causing These Issues?

  • Dirty Filters - Your HVAC system has filters to protect the air in your home from dust particles. If the filter gets too dirty, you will notice poor airflow and dust may be scattered in your home. Changing the filter will improve the air quality and help your AC function the way it should.
  • Thermostat Malfunction - Is your system turning on and off without adequately providing relief? Your thermostat may not be reading the temperature of your home accurately and may need repair.
  • Evaporator Coil Issues/Dirty AC Condenser Coils - If these coils become dirty or damaged, you may experience inadequate cooling.
  • Refrigerant Leaks - If your unit is only blowing warm air, it could be that there has been a refrigerant leak. This is usually caused by damage to the line.
  • Clogged Drainage Line - To keep your unit working properly a drainage line gets rid of excess water. If this becomes clogged, you may see the water begin to pool around your unit. This is a serious issue and may cause damage to your A/C. Have a trained professional inspect it immediately.

Air Conditioning Ducts

Your air conditioning unit is connected to a series of ducts throughout your home. It is important to keep them well maintained and clear from obstruction. If you notice there is poor airflow in your home or you are experiencing hot and cold spots it may be the result of clogged or dirty air ducts.

Our technicians can complete a full inspection of your ductwork to determine if there are any issues with debris or airflow. Once we find out what is causing your airflow problems we can immediately begin to clear out your ducts safely and cleanly.

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Keeping your air conditioning unit running properly isn’t just about keeping your cool, it’s also about keeping the air in your home clean and comfortable. That’s why Thermenergy only offers the highest level of service and quality.

We offer a free consultation and estimate on all our work.

You always get same-day service and installation so you never have to worry about being left in discomfort.

We stand by our work and 10-year protection plan.

We offer an easy payment plan so can focus on what matters most to you. .

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