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You rely on your furnace to keep you warm when you need it the most. So when you require a furnace repair, it’s important to call a heating and cooling company who understands how important it is to get your unit up and running again. A ThermEnergy furnace repair specialist has the expertise to ensure your Carrier furnace is working properly again. This includes offering 24/7 emergency service so you never have to worry about scrambling to find a furnace repair technician on a cold day.

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It’s not always easy to detect the cause of a furnace breakdown. That’s where the Carrier furnace experts at ThermEnergy have the competition beat. We can quickly identify the cause of your furnace issues from thermostats to faulty igniters. We then provide you with a detailed report so you can take the necessary steps to get it repaired. 

ThermEnergy technicians are fully trained and certified. You are always working with a team who can see that the repairs are done quickly and accurately. We also provide you with solutions to prevent any malfunctions in the future.

Common Carrier Furnace Problems

No matter if you have a gas or electric furnace, there is always a chance that something will go wrong. Furnaces are highly sophisticated technology designed to provide you with the safest and most affordable heating possible.

These are some of the most common furnace issues you may experience:

Carrier furnace not igniting

This is a common issue and is usually a result of the ignition sensor not functioning properly. One of the first signs that your igniter is not working is you hear a clicking sound, but do not hear the ‘whoosh’ and the flame turning on. This requires a trained technician to repair it and ensure it is done safely and correctly.

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Carrier furnace blowing cold air

You want to be sure you are getting the most warmth on a cold day. So when your furnace is blowing cold air, you need to call a technician right away. This is usually the result of the fan switch not working. Check your thermostat to ensure it is switched to heat. If it’s still blowing cold air then it’s time to call ThermEnergy.


Furnace leaking water

This can be a serious situation and is usually the result of the secondary heat exchanger leaking. Contact your ThermEnergy technician immediately to prevent more serious damage to your unit and your home.

Carrier furnace not heating 

This could be due to a flame sensor that’s covered in dirt or debris. Use a cleaning pad to remove any buildup. If it’s still not heating up, then it’s time to call your ThermEnergy technician for an inspection.


Carrier furnace flash codes

Flash codes alert you to a variety of issues your furnace may be experiencing. The first number indicates the short flashes, while the number of long flashes indicates the second one. Your technician can help break these codes down and find the right solution to match the code.

Carrier furnace shuts off

If your furnace is shutting off, it could be due to low airflow. Start by examining your filter to ensure you are getting consistent airflow. This will prevent your exchanger from overheating.

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Installation of Carrier Furnace

If it’s time to update your furnace, the team at ThermEnergy can help you find the right solution. We offer a large selection of new energy-efficient furnace options that will help keep your home feeling warm and cozy even on the coldest days.


Carrier Furnace Repair Near Me

If you own a Carrier furnace, then you want to be sure it is repaired using genuine Carrier furnace parts. This will ensure that your unit functions properly and reduces the risk of breakdowns.

Authorized & Licensed Technicians

ThermEnergy believes in providing the highest level of service. This means using only qualified service technicians who are fully licensed and bonded. All of our technicians have the skill and training to work on Carrier furnaces.

You never know when your furnace might break down and that’s why our technicians are available 24/7, including weekends and holidays. We also offer emergency service repair so you can feel confident knowing you have a technician at your fingertips, day or night.

Contact ThermEnergy

If your Carrier furnace is not performing the way it should contact the friendly and professional technicians at ThermEnergy. We offer experienced advice to help you keep your furnace operating the way that it should. We service all Carrier models so you never have to worry about finding a technician when you need one. Contact us today to review your furnace repair and installation needs.

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