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There is a reason why Goodman has become a trusted name when it comes to home heating options. Whether it’s the energy-efficient technology, materials that are exceedingly durable, or superior manufacturing, Goodman is the heating and cooling company you can trust in the HVAC industry. It doesn’t matter if you live in a frigid climate or a region that experiences cool winters, Goodman has a furnace to effectively heat your home.

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When it comes to all things Goodman furnace repair, trust the experts at ThermEnergy. There is no job too small or too large that our team of experts can’t handle. Whether it’s a thermostat issue, an igniter problem, broken fan, or something more concerning, we will have your Goodman back in working order before you know it. Our team of expert repair technicians will have your appliance running like new in no time.

Common Goodman Furnace Problems

Like any furnace on the market, below are some of the more common issues you can expect to run into.

Furnace not igniting – your furnace’s pilot light, or ignition sensor, might be the reason why your furnace is not igniting. If you hear a clicking noise, but your furnace isn’t lighting, there is a pilot light problem. An easy solution is to clean off the sensor.

Furnace blowing cold air – If your furnace is blowing cold air instead of warm air, there’s an issue with your Goodman furnace. This could be due to a fan limit switch not functioning as intended. If this is the issue you’re facing, check your thermostat for an LED light on the control board.

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Furnace is leaking water – if your Goodman furnace is leaking water, you might have an issue with condensation buildup. Another culprit could be the secondary heat exchanger in your furnace.

Furnace is not heating – if your furnace isn’t heating, it could be the fault of a dirty flame sensor. With an abrasive sponge, do your best to clean the area. Wipe away any dust or dirt that might have built up here over time.


Furnace flashing codes – when it comes to furnace codes, each one is different and means something specific. These flashing codes can get confusing so if you notice one on your Goodman appliance, reach out to an HVAC specialist like ThermEnergy for a service call. We are specialized to understand these codes and get things back to working order.

Furnace keeps shutting off – a low airflow issue could be the reason why your Goodman furnace keeps shutting off. Routinely changing your filters is a great way to prevent any random shutdowns. Not changing the filters will cause your exchanger to overheat which will automatically power down your appliance.

Installation of Goodman Furnace

Installing a Goodman furnace in your home is a great way to cut down your energy use while also saving you money on the utility bill. Goodman furnaces come equipped with energy efficient technology that allows you to heat your home based on your specific heating needs. The experts at ThermEnergy can work with you to determine the necessary size that will work best in your home.

Goodman Furnace Repair Near Me

Furnace repair can be a stressful situation. The last thing we want to do is scramble in the dead of winter to track down a reliable Goodman furnace technician. That’s why you need a trusted HVAC company to provide regular furnace maintenance. By putting this off, you will not only increase the chance of running into a bigger problem down the road, but you’ll also see increased usage on your energy bill. This is because a furnace that isn’t running properly has to work harder to heat the home.

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When you purchase a Goodman furnace, you are getting a trusted brand to provide heat to our home, keeping your family warm during the winter months. Trusting a reputable name to service your brand name furnace is always a good idea. Fortunately, the team of professionals at ThermEnergy can do just that.

Our certified and licensed technicians can help you through any HVAC related issues you may encounter. We offer 24/7 emergency services so you never have to worry about your Goodman furnace. The next time a problem occurs with your Goodman furnace, call the friendly professionals at ThermEnergy, the furnace repair, servicing, and installation experts.

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