Commercial HVAC

We do service & installation of all brands of rooftop HVAC units in GTA. We work with manufacturer and distributor to ensure you get most energy efficient and reliable solution for your application. We spend lot on training through manufacturer or distributors so our technician can update with new technologies so our customers can get quality service.

The importance of commercial HVAC maintenance

Whatever you do, don’t skip it. A planned maintenance program ensures that your HVAC system will be up for the challenge of keeping your business premises cool all summer and warm in winter. There are also financial and operational advantages, which are outlined below.

  • Poorly maintained HVAC systems can reduce energy efficiency significantly, driving your energy bills up. When you keep your system in good shape, it will run more efficiently, which saves you money and be less likely to break down when you (and your employees and customers) need it most.
  • Routine maintenance makes it easier to identify failing parts and repair them before they become a bigger problem. If an essential part like the blower motor, ventor motor, heat exchanger, condenser coils, or evaporator coils breaks down, the equipment will stop operating and the damaged part can cause issues with other system components. It can all add up to longer downtime and a higher repair bill.
  • The lifespan of your HVAC unit can be extended, giving you an extra 10 to 15 years before it requires replacing. The cost of replacing an HVAC system can be significant, so you want to get as much longevity and use out of yours as possible.
  • If your equipment breaks down, the lack of fresh air and comfortable temperatures can harm your business. Your staff cannot do their jobs properly, in harsh temperatures and your clients or customers may refuse to come to the business until the problem is resolved, which will hurt your bottom line.

Maintenance Agreement

The smartest business owners and facilities managers know that the best way to control repair expenses is with a commercial HVAC service contract. We custom design each agreement for your needs, your equipment and your budget. Contracts can cover maintenance only or can include repair parts and labor coverage.

Agreement Benefits
  • Free Filters
  • 15 point check up on each Heating and Air condition system
  • Service & Test report data submission
  • Flexible schedule
  • 2 service / year (before Winter and Summer)
  • 15% Discount on Emergency repair
  • Extended warranties on repair
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Free consultation: Our expert will help you choose right product for your needs, explains warranty and protection plans, government rebates, and installation details at no cost.

Same day Installation: We understand how uncomfortable if HVAC system doesn’t work, we guarantee your installation within 24hrs.

Top of line products: We only recommends you most efficient, reliable and perfectly matched system for your needs.

Team of Experts: Our techs, installers are best in industries with lots of experience, licensed and insured. Who will make sure your system works safe, efficiently and reliable.

Warranty: We back our product and installation with extended warranties for part and labor. 10 year protection plan available.

Ease of Payment: Provides monthly finance, rental or deferral options at very low interest rates.

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