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Dust Free® tested its PCO and Ionization technology against SARSCOV-2 (Covid-19), MS-2 Bacteriophage, and Staphylococcus Epidermidis in three different lab settings and test results have shown the ability to successfully reduce all three pathogens.

Dust Free®’s ASHRAE 52.2 tunnel/chamber test utilized in the MS-2 Phage and Staph is a rigorous test protocol. Unlike the Dust Free® test protocol, the majority of duct mounted purifi ers sold through the HVAC distribution channel are tested in a more controlled lab setting, in a small box, with little to no air movement other than a fan positioned to blow on the device being tested. The pathogen is put on a stainless steel coupon and the test is run for 24 hours. This protocol does not accurately refl ect how the device will perform in a typical ducted HVAC system. For this reason, most manufacturers do not disclose their test protocol.

Dust Free®’s test protocol is much more refl ective of what can be expected in a typical ducted system. To our knowledge Dust Free® is the only manufacturer of duct mounted air purifi ers that has tested to this rigorous protocol.

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Test results show Dust Free®’s proprietary Active Technology to be 99.7% effective in the reduction of the SARS-COVID-2 virus within 20 minutes.

Dust Free®’s proprietary air purifi cation technology was tested for effi cacy at reducing SARS-COV-2 by the University of Milan in Milan, Italy on September 11, 2020. The test was conducted within the Department of Biomedical and Clinical Sciences and supervised by Davide Mileto, a Microbiologist with the University of Milan Lugi Sacco Hospital.

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MS-2 Phage has been found to be 8-10 times more diffi cult to kill than COVID-19 by the National Center for Biotechnology Information. The Dust Free® air purifi cation technology showed a 15% reduction of the airborne pathogen every half hour.

MS-2 Bacteriophage (MS-2 Phage) testing was conducted at LMS Labs in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The pathogen was aerosolized into a 2000 cubic foot chamber connected to an ASHRAE 52.2 tunnel with the Dust Free® technology installed in the duct outside the chamber.

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Staphylococcus Epidermidis has been identifi ed as one of the most diffi cult bacteria to kill by National Center for Biotechnology Information. The Dust Free® air purifi cation technology showed a 15% reduction of the airborne pathogen every half hour.

Staphylococcus Epidermidis testing was conducted at Airmid Labs in Dublin, Ireland. The pathogen was aerosolized into a 2000 cubic foot chamber connected to an ASHRAE 52.2 tunnel with the Dust Free® technology installed in the duct outside the chamber.

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DISCLAIMER: The summary and any comments herein are based on the results from an independent laboratory study performed under controlled conditions and are not in any way medical claims. The product(s) and technologies described are not medical devices and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease, virus or illness.

Single solution for Air Purification

A Healthy Climate HEPA system can remove nearly all allergy-aggravating contaminants, including some of the smallest particles and bacteria. Many air cleaning systems filter out particles. Some combat germs, and some fight odors. But only the HEPA air filtration System addresses all three types of indoor air pollutants. Did you know that the air inside your home is 2 to 5 times more polluted than the air you breath outside? These pollutants can be a key contributor to asthma, allergies, and other health related issues.

How air pollution affects us

Stress effects. When pollution counts are high, it can cause physical stress. Like an athlete who needs rest after exercise to allow his or her lungs to recover, our bodies need a break in pollutants. Accumulation effects. As we breathe, we take in particles and these particles build up in our lungs over time. People with low tolerance to these particles can be adversely affected by the accumulation of small amounts of pollution. If you are not yet showing any sign of breathing polluted air, it can pose long-term effects.

Three step filtration process

Stage 1: Carbon pre-filter - The inexpensive carbon pre-filter removes larger particulates from the air, thus prolonging the life of the HEPA filter.

Stage 2: HEPA - The HEPA filter removes 99.97% of particulates 0.3 micron and larger. The cleaned air then passes through the third stage filter.

Stage 3: Inner Charcoal Filter - The inner charcoal filter is 1/2 an inch thick to give it plenty of surface area for removing chemicals and odors from the air


Improves health

HEPA filters greatly improves indoor air quality and helps prevent flare ups to those who suffer from allergies or asthma symptom

Improves Sleep

Lack of adequate sleep causes daytime drowsiness, affecting your productivity the next morning. To avoid these sleep disruptions, it is best to use HEPA air purifiers because they filter out most allergens from your room. Cleaner air gives you a better night sleep.

Air purifiers remove unpleasant odors.

Air purifiers do not only clean the air, but they also help get rid of unpleasant and burnt food odors

Healthy Climate UV Germicidal Lights

Since they are easily installed into your ductwork, germicidal lights can work with virtually any heating and cooling system to improve the air throughout your entire home. Even when your system is not running, germicidal lights work continuously.


Destroys Germs in your home

Healthy Climate ®  UV germicidal lights destroy contaminants like mold, mildew, and bacteria. Using maximum-intensity ultraviolet light, they damage the cell structure of microorganisms, preventing them from growing and spreading throughout your home.

Remove concentration of airborne microorganism by 50% within 45 minutes

Improves the health of your equipment also kill germs, mold and fungi that may live in ductwork and inside your heating and cooling equipment. This helps keep your HVAC system clean and running at peak efficiency purifies without producing ozone Unlike some air purifiers on the market, Healthy Climate ®  germicidal lights provide protection from germs without producing ozone, a toxic gas that can irritate the lungs

Whole Home Power Humidifier

Why Humidifiers Keep Your Healthy In Every Season

A humidifier’s basic job is to add moisture back to the air to raise the humidity levels indoors. When you have ideal humidity in your home, you are less likely to turn up the heater when it is cold out and your space just feels more comfortable. Humidifiers prevent many uncomfortable effects of winter like cracked lips, dry skin, scratchy throats, dry sinus passages and more. But these effects do not just happen in winter and can be year-round problems, making it ideal to run a humidifier any time of year.

Home Humidifiers Help When You’re Sick Any Time Of Year

Coming down with a cold or flu does not just happen in winter, which is why you will still need your home humidifier during the year. When your family gets sick the first thing you want to do is run a home humidifier to help relieve symptoms and make the indoor environment more comfortable for a faster recovery. The moisture home humidifiers let out aids in the draining of excess mucus so that you can breathe better. Using a home humidifier for children and infants who have trouble clearing their breathing passages, such as when they have upper respiratory infections.


Powerful humidification for your entire home

Indoor air that is too dry is not comfortable, and it can also cause health problems. A Healthy Climate ®  whole-home power humidifier works with your heating and cooling system to add moisture as needed to your home’s air, making it healthier and more comfortable.

Always Improving Your Air

A built-in fan allows the unit to circulate humidified air, even when your heating system is not in operation. This helps keep relative humidity levels between 30% and 60%—the ideal range for optimal comfort and health, according to national studies.Larger capacity more comforts Humidifier offers high outputs performers, making them idle for the larger home. Provides up to 18 gallons of moistures per day.

Energy saving

Increasing the amount of moisture in the air normally helps your home feel warmer at a lower temperature, diminishing your heating expenses. Low humidity can also decrease the efficiency of your home’s heating system. Air that captures more moisture can maintain more heat, which means it will feel warmer. To that end, low humidity in your home means the air will feel cooler, causing you to have to turn up the heat more than necessary to be comfortable.

Improve air quality in your home by reducing moisture levels with a quality dehumidifier.

Dehumidifiers remove moisture from the air. This curbs the growth of mold and dust mites. They are particularly useful in parts of the house where humidity collects like damp basements.Dehumidifiers draw air over cold coils, condensing out its moisture, before passing the air over warm coils and back into the room. healthy climate humidifier makes your home healthier without producing ozone, a toxic gas that can irritate the lungs.


Dehumidify your entire home or a particular area

dehumidifier can effectively remove moisture throughout your entire home. When a zoning system is added, you also have the option of dehumidifying single areas.

Energy saving

Dehumidified air feels cooler, so you can set your thermostat at a higher temperature and still feel comfortable. It saves up to 5% to 7% on your bill healthy climate humidifier makes your home healthier without producing ozone, a toxic gas that can irritate the lungs.

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