The seasons are beginning to change, the temperature is shifting, and you’re beginning to notice that the air inside your home is drying up. Maybe your lips are as dry as they’ve ever been, your skin is beginning to crack and peel, or you’re finding that static shocks are happening more often than usual. Whatever the signs may be, it’s become quite clear that your home isn’t holding much humidity. Although you can leave things as they are, suffering through the temperature fluctuations and dealing with the dryness day in and day out, there are better solutions available. For most homeowners in the twenty-first century, it’s incredibly common to solve this problem with the installation of a whole-house humidifier.

What Is a Whole-House Humidifier?



A whole-house humidifier does exactly what it sounds like! As a humidifier unit attached to the ductwork inside of your home, the humidifier will push moist air throughout each and every room, raising the relative humidity, decreasing the dryness, and improving the overall living experience. Low humidity isn’t fun, and it can lead to all sorts of problems for both the homeowner and the home. By continually regulating the humidity throughout the space, a humidifier installation will ensure that wood maintains its form, baseboards don’t dry up and crack, and your home remains comfortable.

Although relatively easy to install, there are some whole-house humidifier best practices that should be followed to ensure long-term success. They include:
    • Run the whole-house humidifier only when the furnace is on. Most modern homes have unconditioned ducts. This means that the moist air coming from the humidifier, unless paired with warm air from the furnace, can result in excess duct build-up and result in mold growth.
    • Get a steam humidifier. There are two primary humidifier solutions: steam and bypass. Unlike bypass, which steals heat from your furnace hot-air supply to generate water vapor, steam units have the capability to boil water on their own for the purpose of supply. This means that you can get access to more humidity over a shorter period of time, and do so while using less energy in the process.
    • Work with an expert installation team. Every home is different, and every unique low-moisture problem will require solutions designed by an experienced HVAC technician. To ensure that the whole-house humidifier solution you’re installing is right for your home, and to prevent any long-term side effects (over-humidification, mold, and so on), do what you can to work with an expert installation team from day one.
    These best practices are important for two key reasons. First, they’ll work to prevent mold build-up inside the home by ensuring that air is constantly blowing the moisture out of your ducts and into your home. Second, they’ll allow for better efficiency over time, meaning that you won’t have to feel the financial burden of creating a comfortable home.

    Why Is It Good for Your Health and Well-Being



    A central whole-home humidifier provides a wide range of health and well-being benefits to the homes they are installed in. As the primary function, a furnace humidifier will add moisture to your home’s air, preventing dryness from penetrating the space and causing items (both inanimate and animate) from deteriorating, which will be especially important during the colder months. In addition to surface-level discomfort, low humidity can cause dry eyes, dry throat, bloody noses, and other dry-air-related health problems. Not only are these incredibly uncomfortable and inconvenient at the time of their occurrence, but they can lead to serious long-term issues and discomforts if long-term exposure persists. In addition to the health benefits that accompany a whole-house humidifier, units can also save you money on your energy costs. By creating moisture throughout the home, there will be less of a need to pump heat in an effort to make the space comfortable.

    Why Choose Aprilaire Air Humidifiers


    Aprilaire Air Humidifiers are high-quality, whole-house humidification solutions that have been providing comfortable living conditions to homeowners for over 65 years. Not only do the humidifier units moisten the air so as to create a comfortable living space, but they also work to mitigate airborne viruses and prevent illness. Planned humidity is incredibly helpful for maintaining health, comfort, and preservation, and there is no better manufacturer of high-quality humidifier solutions than Aprilaire.


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