Heat Pump Installer in Bowmanville


When it comes to installing a heat pump, the quality of the installation process is one of the most important factors in determining its overall performance and efficiency. When you opt for our ThermEnergy heat pump installer in Bowmanville we ensure that your heat pump operates optimally, providing you with the desired comfort and energy savings.


Our heat pump installer in Bowmanville specializes in and installs heat pumps from the following brands:

  • Mitsubishi
  • York
  • Carrier
  • Keeprite
  • Tempstar
  • Lennox
  • Kinghome
  • Direct air

Retrofitting and upgrading existing systems with our heat pump installer in Bowmanville


 In today’s rapidly evolving world, where energy efficiency is of paramount importance, retrofitting and upgrading existing heating or cooling systems with our heat pump installer in Bowmanville has become a popular choice for homeowners and businesses alike.

To ensure a successful retrofitting project, it is essential to seek professional installation services. Our heat pump installer in Bowmanville is highly experienced in retrofitting existing systems with heat pumps.

Understanding retrofitting and upgrading

When we talk about retrofitting and upgrading existing systems, we refer to the process of enhancing the performance and efficiency of an outdated heating or cooling system with our heat pump installer in Bowmanville. By integrating a heat pump, which is renowned for its energy-saving capabilities, you can achieve substantial improvements without the need for a complete system overhaul

Heat pumps are innovative systems that can both heat and cool spaces efficiently. Unlike traditional HVAC systems, which consume significant amounts of energy, heat pumps transfer heat rather than generating it. They extract heat from the outdoor air or ground during the heating season and reverse the process during the cooling season.

Assessing compatibility

Before embarking on a retrofitting project, it is important for our heat pump installer in Bowmanville to assess the compatibility of your existing system with a heat pump. Factors such as the age, condition, and size of the system will be evaluated. Our heat pump installer in Bowmanville can conduct a thorough inspection to determine if your system is suitable for integration with a heat pump.

Ductwork modifications

In some cases, ductwork modifications by our heat pump installer in Bowmanville may be necessary to optimize the performance of a retrofitted system. Proper airflow is essential for achieving the desired heating and cooling effects. Our technician will assess your existing ductwork and make any necessary adjustments or replacements to ensure efficient air distribution.

The benefits of retrofitting with heat pumps

Retrofitting your existing system through our heat pump installer in Bowmanville offers a multitude of benefits. We can significantly reduce energy consumption, leading to lower utility bills and decreased environmental impact. Heat pumps also provide precise temperature control, improved indoor air quality, and enhanced comfort throughout the year.

Calculating potential energy savings

One of the key advantages of retrofitting with a heat pump is the potential for substantial energy savings. By harnessing the natural heat present in the environment, heat pumps can achieve high efficiency ratings. Calculating your potential energy savings involves considering factors such as your climate, current energy consumption, and the efficiency of your existing system.

Maintenance and care for optimal performance

After the installation of a retrofitted system by our heat pump installer in Bowmanville, regular maintenance is crucial to maintain its optimal performance. Cleaning or replacing filters, inspecting and lubricating components, and scheduling our professional check-ups are all part of proper heat pump maintenance. Scheduling a maintenance routine through ThermEnergy will maximize energy efficiency and extend the lifespan of your system.

The Environmental Impact of Retrofitting

By embracing retrofitting and upgrading existing systems with our heat pump installer in Bowmanville, you contribute to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and combating climate change. Heat pumps utilize renewable energy sources, minimizing reliance on fossil fuels and decreasing carbon footprints. The environmental benefits of retrofitting make it a sustainable choice for a greener future.

Retrofitting and upgrading existing heating or cooling systems with our heat pump installer in Bowmanville provides a practical solution for enhancing efficiency and reducing energy consumption. With our professional heat pump installer in Bowmanville, regular maintenance, and consideration for the environment, you can enjoy the benefits of improved comfort, lower energy bills, and a greener future.

Bowmanville heat pump rebates and promotions


To encourage the adoption of energy-efficient heating and cooling solutions, the Canadian government and provincial authorities offer incentives and rebates for heat pump installations. These financial incentives aim to make heat pumps more affordable for home and business owners and contribute to the overall reduction of energy consumption.

We offer various rebates and promotions for heat pump installation in Bowmanville. New grants and rebates are launched every month for heat pump installation in Bowmanville so call us today to find out if you qualify.