The filter on your furnace plays a key role in keeping dust and debris out of the furnace. So it is critical that your furnace filter gets changed often to ensure that your furnace remains in good working order. Failing to switch out your furnace filter can lead to significant problems with your furnace that will require repair. Some of the furnace problems that can arise from a clogged filter are loud noises, furnace blowing cold air or furnace overheating.

Changing your filter also keeps the quality of your indoor air clean. There is a lot of dirt and dust that floats around in the air indoors. You may be surprised by just how much airborne debris your filter picks up.

You should change your filter every 90 days

You should change or clean your furnace air filter every 90 days. However, we recommend that you get into the habit of checking your filter once a month to see how much debris is trapped in it. Depending on the quality of air in your home, dirt may build up quickly. If after checking your filter you notice a significant amount of buildup that is gray in color, go ahead and throw out the old filter and replace it with a new one.

Your home environment can impact went to change your furnace filter

Generally, replacing your filter every three months is adequate. However, there are certain factors that will influence how frequently you should change your air filter:

1. Pets

Furry family members are always nice to have. However, they do shed, and if it isn’t vacuumed up, the excess hair winds up becoming part of airborne particles that find their way to the furnace. Pet fur will cause your filter to clog up quicker than a home that does not have pets. That’s why it’s important to check your filter monthly.

2. Allergies or asthma

If one or more members of your family have allergies or asthma, dust should be kept at a minimum. If your filter is clogged, it will not do a good job filtering airborne particles and will result in more dust and dirt circulating in your indoor air. Changing your filter regularly is effective in keeping the air quality of your home clean.

3. Usage

The furnace filter in your home works for both your furnace and air conditioner. How often you use the systems will determine how much buildup collects in your furnace filter. The more you use the systems, the quicker dirt accumulates. So you may find yourself needing to replace an old filter with a new one more often.

How to change or clean your furnace filter

Wondering how to change a furnace filter? It’s quite straightforward, however, you should make sure that you do it correctly and safely.

  • The first thing you should do is turn off your furnace.
  • Next, locate the return air vent on your furnace and pull out the filter. Be sure to take note which side the filter goes in.
  • Once you’ve done this, you need to find out what type of furnace filter you have. There are two types of filters: reusable and disposable. The reusable filter has a plastic frame around it. Simply clean it and reuse it. To clean it, first use a vacuum to remove dirt and debris from your filter. Then, use a wet cloth to remove any remaining dirt. Let the filter dry completely before reinserting it into the furnace. If you have a disposable filter, it’ll be much quicker to clean it. Simply remove the disposable filter and replace it with a new one. You can buy furnace filters at your local hardware store. Just be sure to purchase the right size.

Furnace filter change is part of routine maintenance your furnace needs. While attending to the filter is a task you can do on your own, there are other maintenance tasks that need to be done by professionals. ThermEnergy specializes in furnace maintenance and repair and can help you keep your furnace in good condition year after year.