Is your home uncomfortable during the winter due to cold, dry air? If so, there’s a solution that we’re sure will make a stark difference for your family. Your home should feel comfortable all year round, but dry air can have a negative impact on your home’s environment. Not only does low humidity air affect how you feel in your home, but it can also cause some health concerns that range from mild to serious. If you are someone who suffers from dry sinuses, headaches, or dry skin during the winter, dry air can make your symptoms even worse.

A whole-house humidifier can make your home much more comfortable for you. When most people think about humidifiers for their homes, they think about the small, portable humidifiers they typically keep in their bedrooms. If you are one of the people who have enjoyed the benefit of a small humidifier in a room, think about the advantages you can get from having a humidifier that adds moisture to the air in your entire home!

Getting through the winter months is about more than just surviving the cold, the goal should be having a comfortable and warm winter. A quality central humidifier is an answer to many of the discomforts associated with the winter months. Here are some of the benefits of a whole-house humidifier:

Better Health

Our bodies need to maintain a certain level of moisture to function well. Dry air can strip moisture from your nasal passages, sinuses, throat, and lungs, creating issues in your respiratory systems like asthma, bronchitis, sore throat, sinusitis, and nosebleeds. Increasing the humidity of the air indoors can alleviate these symptoms, and is a way to ensure that your health doesn’t suffer due to dry air.

A humidifier is also a great tool to decrease the severity of allergies. So if somebody in your home suffers from any one of these ailments, ask your doctor if installing a humidifier in your home is right for you.

Another benefit of a whole-house humidifier is that it reduces the spread of airborne bacteria and viruses that cause colds and flu. This is because it’s easier for droplets that contain the viruses to float in the air when it’s dry, carrying the virus to more areas in your home and increasing the likelihood of more people getting sick.

Generally, whole-home humidifiers are healthier than portable humidifiers because portable units are more prone to developing mold and bacteria. The key to keeping your whole house humidifier in good shape throughout the winter months is to ensure maintenance is performed annually.

Better Sleep

Dry air can make you snore – or if you already snore, make it worse – by making your soft palate dry. Snoring impacts the quality of sleep you get. Not only does snoring negatively affect the sleep of the person who’s snoring, but anyone within earshot may have trouble sleeping.

Moisture in the air moistens the soft palate throat and nasal passage. To improve your breathing while you sleep, have a central humidifier installed into your home to moisten the air. And since home humidifiers are quieter than portable humidifiers, you won’t have to worry about the sound disrupting your sleep.

Energy Savings

Many people cringe when they think about their heating bill during the winter because keeping your home cozy can cost quite a bit. If you don’t have a home humidifier, you may be spending more than you should. The dryer your indoor air is, the colder your home will feel.

But when the air in your home is moist, you’ll find that you may be able to turn down your thermostat by one or two degrees. This may not seem like much of a difference but it will translate to lower heating costs. While you’re in the home humidifier will use electricity to operate, but you can still expect to save on your utility bill. There are many efficient humidifiers on the market so selecting one of these will lead to energy savings each winter.


Increased Comfort

Most people prefer to stay inside during the winter in order to keep warm. But what good is it to stay in if you feel discomfort inside your own home? Dry air causes dry skin, chapped lips, dry eyes, and a dry throat.

A house humidifier will add moisture to your air and increase your level of comfort within your home. Dry air also increases static, causing your clothes to stick to you, or you may even shock someone when you touch them. Make your home feel cozier by increasing the humidity in the air through a central humidifier.

Protects Furniture

Furniture can last a long time, and if kept under ideal conditions, can last more than a lifetime. Many people don’t realize the impact dry air has on their furniture. Dry air can be damaging to wooden furniture.

The dry air absorbs moisture from wood furniture and this can cause your furniture to crack or split. This is why a house humidifier is not only good for the people in the home, but also for your belongings.


No Moisture Damage

Moisture in your indoor air is good because it alleviates the problems associated with dry air, however, having too much moisture in your home can be problematic. When you have a whole-house humidifier, you can control the humidity levels of your entire home more easily and consistently.

The problem with having portable humidifiers is that they may increase the humidity in some rooms, but not in others. Consistent humidity levels are the best way to prevent damage that can be caused by moisture. Too much moisture in the air creates the perfect environment for mildew and mold to form and grow. This can create damage to your walls and your furniture.

No Need for Refills

Since whole-house humidifiers are directly connected to your home‘s plumbing system, you don’t need to refill your humidifier with water from time to time as you do with portable humidifiers.

Portable humidifiers require water refills in order to function properly. With hectic lives to keep up with, one less thing for you to do is excellent. A central humidifier saves you time and the hassle of having to check your humidifier to ensure it has enough water.

Easy to Control Humidity Levels

Have you walked through your house and noticed that some areas in your home feel colder or dryer than others during the winter? This is due to inconsistent humidity levels. With a whole-house humidifier, simply have it installed and you won’t have to worry about the humidity levels in your home.

As previously mentioned, dry air can wreak havoc on the health of members of your family and your belongings. Inconsistent humidity levels can create problems of their own. You want to be able to be comfortable wherever you are in your home. Installing a whole-house humidifier will ensure that each room has the right amount of moisture.


They are Quiet and Discreet

Many homeowners go to great lengths to install noise reduction features to prevent outside noise from disturbing their quiet home atmosphere. The last thing anyone wants is to have to live with noisy home appliances or home systems. That’s why many companies are intent on manufacturing products that run quietly.

Whole house humidifiers are no different. They are designed to work quietly throughout your home so you won’t have to worry about hearing the sound of the system regulating the moisture in your indoor air. With a whole-house humidifier, you won’t even know that it is on. It works quietly in the background without causing any distraction.

Add Value to Your Home

With the increase of allergens, bacteria, and viruses during the winter months, having a central humidifier is a huge plus, particularly if you live in an area where winters are cold and dry.

Potential homeowners appreciate the value of upgrades in your home that contribute to the overall comfort your home offers.

And that can be said about whole-house humidifiers. Installing a whole-house humidifier is an excellent investment because it adds significant value to your home.

This is one of the upgrades that will repeat benefits if you decide to put your house on the market.

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So much can be said about making your home as comfortable as possible. The reasons why you need a whole-house humidifier are plenty and prove that it is an investment worth your while. You may think a small humidifier is sufficient for your needs, but the benefits of a whole-house humidifier greatly outweigh the benefits of its portable counterparts. Don’t let dry air damage your belongings or negatively impact your health.

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