With summer getting closer each day and the temperature continuing to rise, soon we’ll be dusting off our air conditioning units and preparing them for another season. You can save yourself money and frustration by recognizing signs that a major problem could be heading your way. If you notice any of these signs listed below, it’s time to call in the professionals for quality air conditioning repair service.

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Blowing Warm Air

If your air conditioner is blowing warm air, this is a bad sign. Should you run into this problem, the first thing you want to do is take a peek at the thermostat.

Ensure that the cooling mode is set and program the temperature to be colder than the current temperature inside your home. If you are still noticing warm air coming from your vents, you might be facing a compressor problem, or it may be restricted air flow.

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Insufficient Air Flow

Inadequate airflow is an indication that your air conditioner isn’t operating to its maximum capability. Or something is preventing air from moving throughout the ductwork of your house. If this is the case, you could be facing a broken motor or a clogged air filter.

If you are noticing poor airflow on a recurring basis, you might want to explore an energy-recovery ventilator. These devices provide your AC with a boost as it replaces stale air with fresh air each time your system completes a cycle. Zoning systems are another option to consider – they work by concentrating cooling power and air flow to the areas of your home that need it the most.


Frequent Cycles

Regardless of the temperature, your air conditioning unit should undergo frequent cooling cycles. Of course, on the hotter days you’ll see your unit firing up more often, however, it should never constantly cycle on and off.

If this is happening with your AC, it’s best to call a professional AC repair technician like the skilled team at ThermEnergy. A quick inspection could solve your problem, but if not, it could be the end of the road for your unit.

High Humidity

As the weather warms up, humidity levels will increase, however, it shouldn’t continue on in your home. A properly functioning air conditioning system should automatically control the humidity levels.

If the moisture levels in your house become uncomfortable, it could be a sign that you need to schedule a service call. An air conditioning technician can help you find out if your system is in need of basic recalibration or if adding a dehumidifier is the way to go.


Water Leaks

If your air conditioner is leaking water, you should immediately address the problem as mold and mildew trouble will likely follow. If your AC unit’s coils keep freezing, you might be dealing with a clog in the condensate line or a freon leak.

The condensate line helps remove built-up condensation that occurs during the cooling process. If the line is clogged or if it sprung a leak, excess condensation can freeze onto the coils, leak, or puddle. If you’re dealing with a freon leak, you need to hire a professional repair technician to deal with it as this substance is harmful to both pets and people.


Bad Smell

Another telltale sign that you’ll need a tune-up is if your air conditioner has a funny smell.

Numerous things can be done in this instance, including duct cleaning or ultraviolet light to eradicate microbial growth that has formed inside your air conditioner.

Yearly maintenance calls for AC tune-ups are a great way to prolong the life of your unit and have it operating as it should be.

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Strange Noises

You can expect a little bit of noise as your air conditioner fires up and as it turns off. However, if you hear loud or bizarre noises, it could be a sign of trouble. A rattle or buzzing sound could suggest a loose part but grinding or whistling can mean something far worse. It’s unlikely that these noises will just stop one day so we suggest calling the experts at ThermEnergy. When it comes to HVAC systems, the quicker you can address an issue, the more likely it is that the repair will be cheaper.

Whether it’s airflow problems, bad smells, scary noises, leaks, humidity, and everything in between, routine service to your air conditioning unit is the best way to keep your AC operating at its full potential. Fortunately for homeowners in Toronto and the GTA, ThermEnergy is here for all of your AC repair and installation needs. Contact us today to learn more about our repair services!

Call the Pros 

A furnace not heating in the winter is a big problem. The key to maintaining an efficient furnace is hiring experienced HVAC specialists to perform regular maintenance that will keep your furnace in tiptop shape.

Is your house heater not working? Call the pros! Our team at ThermEnergy is happy to come to your aid and troubleshoot any issues you have with your furnace. The best way to minimize furnace trouble is to have your system serviced annually. With the best HVAC team in the city on your side, you’ll be able to stay one step ahead of furnace trouble and have the coziest winters possible.

Reach out to us today for more information about furnace care and repairs.