The air we breathe in contains various particles invisible to the naked eye that may be harmful to our health. Air filters are designed to purify the air that we breathe in, promoting a healthier indoor environment. HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air filters) air purifiers have the ability to catch the tiniest particles in the air so we don’t inhale them.

In addition, HEPA air filters come with a high filter rating and increased airflow. For air filters to remain effective, they need to be replaced regularly. Air filters have grown in popularity because many people are realizing the tremendous health benefits they offer by reducing air pollution within the home.

The quality of your indoor air is also impacted by the pollution outside your home which depends on your location, the types of pollutants present in the air and changes in climate.

Some of the leading benefits of air purifiers include:

Cleaner air

Using an air filter in your home creates a healthier indoor environment with cleaner air.

This filtered air contains less particles compared to a room without an air purifier. Indoor air has a lot more harmful particles than the air outside.

It’s also important to note that there is a lot of pollution outdoors that is dangerous for our health. A HEPA filter reduces the air pollutants that circulate in your home.

Reduces seasonal allergies

Seasonal allergies can create a lot of discomfort for people who suffer from them.

If someone in your family does, providing a living environment free of many types of pollutants and molds is critical to their health and overall comfort.

This can be done using an air filter to keep the air as pure as possible.

Traps smells and odors

Airborne particles in the air can contribute to odors lingering in your home. Without fresh air flowing through your home, your indoor air will remain stagnant and hold on to certain odors.

Some of these odors may be pleasant as the smell of cooked food, while others may be less desirable like those caused by tobacco smoke, water damage, or other sources.

An air purifier can trap these odor-causing particles and eliminate them from the air you breathe.

Kills germs and bacteria

Just because we can’t physically see germs, it doesn’t mean they aren’t floating in the air we breathe in. HEPA air purifiers are designed to destroy harmful bacteria in the air.

But, not all purifiers have this ability. Using a HEPA air filter allows you to keep your family healthy and reduce the chances of germs spreading from one sick person to another in your home.


Cleans air from pet hair

Furry family members are great companions to have and keep indoors. However, pet fur can create a problem for your family. Pets shed hair and dander and release odors into the air that pollute the air.

While we love our furry friends, the pollutants they produce can compromise our health especially if your pet is not groomed regularly. Using an air filter can help you and your family live with your pet without jeopardizing your health.


Less dust buildup

Even if you clean your home frequently, there will always be dust that lingers in your home and settles on surfaces. This is because dust is largely made up of the dead skin we shed.

These particles can linger in the air and your family members will end up breathing it all in. An air purifier can drastically reduce the rate that dust accumulates in your home, making your indoor living space cleaner for longer periods.

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With the quality of air diminished by environmental pollution and climate change, one of the best ways to combat this is by installing an air purifier in your home. HEPA air filters have proven to be an excellent choice. Ensuring that your air filter is correctly installed is critical to its performance. Our team at ThermEnergy specializes in air filter installation and maintenance for both residential and commercial properties. Contact our team today to learn more about the products and services we offer!